Pentavere and DARWENTM AI have received significant acclaim from major global pharmaceutical companies and healthcare leaders attesting to the valuable applications of our innovative technology

“I have spent over 2 decades leading national and international research initiatives to identify the right treatments, for the right patients, at the right time. The data required to address these efforts have always been limited. Working with Pentavere we have generated Real World Data at an incredible scale, speed, and accuracy, providing me with data I need to improve patient care. We are just scratching the surface in what is possible with Pentavere’s AI technology” 
Dr. Geoffrey Liu
Medical Oncologist & Senior Scientist, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre
“Thanks to Pentavere's innovative AI technology, the dismal scenario for rare disease patients could soon change. When the number of patients is small, the ability to use the whole of their experience and clinical observations to inform diagnosis and best management is a game changer that could prove as impactful as decoding the human genome. We are so proud and excited to have the opportunity to work with Pentavere’s AI and apply it to help rare diseases in Canada.”
Durhane Wong-Rieger
President & CEO, Canadian Organization for Rare Disorders
“I have been working with Pentavere for well over a year on a huge, ambitious program. What Pentavere has achieved around data enrichment and curation, will have lasting and true benefit paving the way for true open science in our country.”
Dvorah Richler
Director Roche Breakthroughs, Personalized Healthcare, Roche
“Everyone talks about AI and is intrigued by AI but what I’ve seen from Pentavere is how we can actually apply AI. This technology and Pentavere’s implementation strategy breaks down information barriers and unlocks valuable data revealing opportunities for improvement in patient care” 
Dr. Shelley Zieroth
Director, Heart Failure and Transplant Clinics, St. Bonafice Hospital
“Pentavere is a game-change for expediting medical review. Pentavere’s technology will dramatically reduce the time spent on lab-related AE cleaning and will also create more review consistency across studies.”
Britte Kranenburg
Associate Director, Clinical Scientist, Janssen
“We challenged Pentavere’s platform to extract complex information from text data. We achieved accuracy of well over 90% within minutes.”
Dr. Muhammad Mamdani
Vice President of Data Science and Advanced Analytics, Unity Health
“In a world drowning in data but thirsting for knowledge, Pentavere has cast a light on ways to alleviate this challenge. Companies like Pentavere will bring healthcare into the 21st century”
Dr. Nigel Hughes
Scientific Director, Observational Health Data Analytics/Epidemiology, Janssen
“Pentavere has been an incredible partner in helping us to unlock medical insights buried in free-text comments. The Pentavere team is always willing to stretch and explore what was possible to do with their AI. Thank you Pentavere for helping us getting that competitive edge with access to ‘’Digestible insights’’
Marthe-Sandrine Mpollo
Medical Science Liaison, Johnson & Johnson
"We are thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with Pentavere to leverage their AI technology within the field of rare diseases."
Rute Fernandes
General Manager, Takeda Canada
“Pentavere allows us to query our lung cancer data to give us an accurate snapshot of current clinical practice, treatment patterns, and real-world outcomes for advanced lung cancer patients. Automated chart reviews will streamline and accelerate our ability to collect lung cancer patient data on an ongoing basis, review outcomes and quality of care, ask clinically relevant questions, and advance research in the field.”
Dr. Natasha Leighl
Group Lead, Lung Medical Oncology, University Health Network
“It is always a pleasure to work with the team at Pentavere. Their expertise in natural language processing and domain knowledge in many medical fields, combined with a collaborative approach to tackling complex problems, consistently deliver high-quality research-ready data from mountains of unstructured text.”
Sean Davidson
Senior Clinical Research Manager, Varian (A Siemens Healthineers Company)
“Pentavere is by far our strongest Real World Data partner. Pentavere is also a strategic partner that connects investigators and key institutions building the foundations of a so needed oncology integrated data network.”
Dr. Daniel Martinez
Medical Director Oncology, Amgen
“We were originally interested in Pentavere for our research program, but it quickly became apparent that their value would significantly enhance our quality assurance programs and clinic efficiencies. The accuracy of the data derived by Pentavere was exceptional – much more than we had hoped for. Furthermore, the Pentavere tool extracts data directly from our transcribed clinic notes with no extra human resources required by us. The Pentavere group has been a pleasure to work with.”
Dr. Jane Batt
Medical Director Tuberculosis Program, St Michael’s Hospital
“In a competitive marketplace, anecdotal evidence is not enough to support the critical business decisions that materially impact pharmaceutical brand performance. Pentavere provides us with a quantitative means to answer questions that had previously been difficult to answer.”
Lionel Houle
Head of Immunology, UCB