Accelerate the Discovery of Clinical Insights with DARWEN™

DARWEN™ is a breakthrough proprietary (AI) engine that discovers high value clinical information contained in electronic health records, physician notes, pathology reports, physician transcriptions and other digital sources. Through this, DARWEN™ AI empowers researchers, key opinions leaders, healthcare providers, and pharmaceutical companies to apply data to develop breakthrough health solutions.


Rapidly identify patients by ingesting and analyzing all clinical data sources to accelerate patient diagnosis, treatment optimization, and clinical trial matching.


Proven Applications and Use Cases:

Fit for Purpose Real World Evidence

Generate unparalleled high quality fit-for-purpose real-world datasets across therapeutic areas, endorsed by world-leading clinical experts, to support regulatory submissions and advance evidence based personalized medicine.


Proven Applications and Use Cases:

AI Workflow Automation & Insight Generation

Dramatically reduce the time, effort and cost of manual data management and insight generation workflows. Pentavere’s modular AI solutions integrate seamlessly with existing platforms and tools to rapidly detect trends, patterns and outliers within data and generate unique clinical insights to drive better decision making.


Proven Applications and Use Cases:

AI Acceleration in Healthcare

Empower data scientists to rapidly and efficiently create high-value supervised AI models for healthcare insights and predictions, with minimal labelled data and effort. DARWENTM AI is de-risked with models built on DARWENTM already deployed in production across the healthcare ecosystem.

Proven Benefits and Impact:

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