CPHIN and its partners – Pentavere, Shoppers Drug Mart and ZS – are bringing innovation to diabetes care with the Patient Finder initiative

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Program Overview:

Patient Finder is a healthcare initiative leveraging Electronic Medical Record (EMR) data and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) technologies to identify sub-optimally treated people with diabetes and provide them the opportunity to have standard of care interventions.  Patient Finder was co-developed by Shoppers Drug Mart, Pentavere, and ZS through CPHIN’s Reactor Workshop Series – a unique approach to bringing diverse stakeholder groups together to co-design and implement meaningful solutions to some of healthcare’s biggest challenges.  Melina Tsagaris, GM of CPHIN, “This initiative is another example of the power of collaboration that CPHIN facilitates,” said CPHIN GM Melina Tsagaris.

By harnessing EMR data and advanced algorithms, the program seeks to identify patients, using Pentavere’s AI engine-DARWEN™, treated at Shoppers Drug Mart clinics who may be eligible for an intervention by a healthcare professional. Physicians and/or pharmacists will have the ability to engage with those patients to find ways to better manage their diabetes – whether through therapy, monitoring or lifestyle changes.

Danielle Leighton, Vice President, Healthcare Data Products and Services at Shoppers Drug Mart, noted “thousands of Canadians living with diabetes are under-treated and are at-risk of sub-optimal outcomes. This program offers a pathway to use data that already exists to intervene and set those people on the standard of care treatment pathway.  We want to demonstrate how data can be used to enable timely interventions, ultimately improving patient outcomes and contributing to the overall enhancement of diabetes management.”

CPHIN and the stakeholders involved are excited to share key findings and milestones achieved in the near future, marking another step towards advancing diabetes care in Canada and beyond. For those curious to learn more about CPHIN or to get involved with Patient Finder, visit the official website at www.cphin.ca or reach out via email to info@cphin.ca.

Partner Information:

CPHIN is a not-for-profit that convenes and facilitates collaboration among diverse health system stakeholders (e.g., institutions, industry, government, academia, patients) to break down barriers and drive co-creation with the goal of improving care and outcomes for all Canadians through data and innovation.  The Patient Finder initiative was designed during the inaugural Reactor Series Workshop in December 2022, hosted at University of Waterloo.

ZS Associates is a Professional Services Firm focused in Life Sciences.  Their vision is to leverage the power of data, science and technology to make more intelligent healthcare decisions and deliver innovative solutions that improve health outcomes for all.  ZS powers CPHIN’s biggest initiatives.

Pentavere is a globally recognized and award-winning AI digital health company that has built best-in-class, proven and validated AI technology. Pentavere’s AI system, DARWEN™, identifies patients that are eligible for but not receiving approved medications or interventions, improving outcomes for patients and helping drive appropriate therapy growth and penetration.

Shoppers Drug Mart has a longstanding commitment to diabetes care and has provided resources and strategic input to get this program off the ground.