Why it Matters to Patients

The World Health Organization reports that tuberculosis is the world’s most infectious killer.

Why They Came To Us

St. Michael’s Hospital is a leading research facility and runs one of the largest tuberculosis clinics in Canada. The clinicians at the hospital struggled because the information they needed to improve quality of care mainly existed in their electronic transcription text and notes. Examples of the critical information they needed was country of origin, date of immigration, previous tuberculosis exposure and treatments. They did not have an aggregated view of their patient population for these important clinical variables.

What We Did

Pentavere’s DARWEN™ technology extracted these specific clinical variables directly from their electronic transcription text, and transformed it into a structured format that could be inputted into the hospital’s data warehouse so that it could be analyzed, visualized, and shared.

“We were originally interested in Pentavere for our research program, but it quickly became apparent that their value would also significantly enhance our quality assurance programs and clinic efficiencies. The accuracy of the data derived by Pentavere was exceptional – much more than we had hoped for. Furthermore, the Pentavere tool extracts data directly from our transcribed clinic notes with no extra human resources required by us. The Pentavere group has been a pleasure to work with.”

Dr. Jane Batt
Medical Director, Tuberculosis Program
St. Michael's Hospital
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