Why it Matters to Patients

Lung cancer accounts for approximately 20% of all cancer deaths globally.

Why They Came To Us

Advanced lung cancer patients have high mortality rates, and the information needed to improve their health outcomes is limited. This is due to the high cost of the currently accepted manual processes to get at the required data. Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, a globally respected oncology center, worked with Pentavere to generate needed real-world evidence, treatment patterns, and survival outcomes of advanced lung cancer patients without having to incur the cost, time constraints, and inaccuracies of manual reviews.

What We Did

Pentavere’s DARWEN™ technology provided up-to-date and ongoing information extracted from electronic clinical notes, pathology, laboratory, and radiology reports to provide real world insights on:

“Pentavere allows us to query our lung cancer data and give us an accurate snapshot of current clinical practice, treatment patterns and real-world outcomes for advanced lung cancer patients. Automated chart reviews streamline and accelerates our ability to collect lung cancer patient data on an ongoing basis, review outcomes and quality of care, ask clinically relevant questions, and advance research in the field.”

Dr. Natasha Leighl,
Group Lead, Lung Medical Oncology
University Health Network, Toronto Canada
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