Why It Matters to Patients

Heart failure is the single most common reason for hospital admissions in the world. By 2030, heart failure will cost an estimated $53 billion to the US health system alone.

Why they came to us

Our client, a global innovative life science company, was launching a new heart failure (HF) medication and required real-world patient journey information to launch with excellence and demonstrate the economic value of the new medication. The timing and cost of a manual chart audit would not work within the tight timelines being requested by the global group within the company.

What we did

Our DARWEN™ technology extracted and aggregated information from primary care electronic clinical notes to fill their knowledge gap, and provided the following insights:

“The Pentavere team provides a unique, highly engaged methodology for addressing specific business objectives rather than simply providing another dataset for analysis.”

Debra Yetman
Senior Manager, Business Analysis and Information
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